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Considering to Upgrade Your Power Transformers? Here’s What You Need to Know

When the power transformers fail, they can cause an utmost destruction to the facility it is installed in. Power transformers usually fail because of the obsolete systems not been maintained by the professionals. So, it is important to keep upgrading the power transformer time to time to keep the snafus at bay. Here is what you need to know when considering to upgrade your power transformer.

  1. Seek a robust transformer

When it comes to huge upgrades, many engineers have now begun to acquire newer power transformers. If your company is a public entity, then you must place the project to bid. And when it comes to writing the RFQ specifications, engineers must make sure that obtaining this asset must be cost effective and durable via the basic knowledge of design, construction and materials of power transformers. Engineers can choose between liquid filled or dry type transformers.

  1. Saving the costs by remanufacturing

The same is applicable on buying remanufactured transformer as for a new one, but it’s the remanufacturer who matters. The remanufactured transformers must be fixed up enough to just be rendered operational, superficially cleaned and then dispatched. This is not applicable on refurbished as it can deem your plant vulnerable again. The remanufactured transformer must offer greater security against all deviations caused. The primary and secondary coils must be completely rewind with the new high and low voltage bus bars. The original core must be replaced on occasional basis as the older steel is less energy efficient than the modern core materials.

  1. Comparing the old with new

There is a need to ensure that new power transformer must always fit into the current campus switchgear that precisely duplicates the form, fit, and functions, by all means possible. The main issue with a few installations is the adaptation to the running facilities, but eventually you have to make it all work together. When you have obsolete equipment, this is where you need a custom made transformer and a bus bar.

  1. In case of emergencies

For those facilities which cannot replace their obsolete transformer, they are more prone to accidents. To address these losses, some transformer companies specialize in emergency replacement. For mission critical cases, transformers need to be kept ready to be shipped.

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