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What’s That One Thing Which Can Damage Your Site’s SEO Badly

SEO is a game that’s played every day throughout the year in order to get the desired outcomes. You cannot finish it one night and then get positive results in one go. Just like good SEO practices that improve your site’s performance, there are some bad moves that can have a negative impact on it. Make sure you steer clear of any such SEO practice while working on SEO Singapore.

In case you don’t already know, one move that can wipe out many websites from search results is building too many links to the homepage. Many website owners who are not aware of how SEO functions try to build hundreds of homepage links from different websites hoping their website would rank for any keyword after this. Unfortunately, they have a completely opposite effect at the end of this move. If Google spots a huge variation in homepage links vs inner page links and finds them unnatural, it takes immediate strict action and wipes that website out of SERPs.

Each day, thousands of websites disappear from search results due to this issue. Make sure you don’t make this mistake ever.

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